Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Install Camfrog Advanced Server 5.0 Rooms in CentOS linux OS

Explain Install Camfrog server  Rooms in Linux CentOS Operating System

step 1 : log in to your server Putty or any program supports SSH

>> Download Putty

step 2 :  Command :   wget http://download.camfrog.com/get.php?type=fasl

step 3 :  Command : rpm -i get.php?type=fasl --nodeps

step 4 : Command :   cd /etc/camfrogserver.d

step 5 : Command :  nano cf_server.conf

step 6 :  After opening the cf_server.conf file..... we will paste a text inside it

# Enable remote access protocol. You can control your server using Windows-base$
# Username/password for remote console access (full server management)

you can change your control login and password   any thing you need
then close file and save the change   Ctrl + x

step 7 : Command :    service camfrogserver start

step 8 : Now download Camfrog Advanced Server to your PC, and  Install it

step 9 : Open Camfrog Advanced Server > Server Options > Change Server

Connect to your Server and Done  :)

Install Camfrog Server 6.1 Linux in CentOS With webpanel for room


  1. but.... where is the httpd or apache config??? how i do enter into web base config server?

  2. for what you need httpd or apache config??? ?

  3. hi.
    my server proplem 1 gb uplink port softlayer

    200 user later video and audio error .
    help me pls ?
    iptables ??

  4. i need ask you some details

    and you test change port of room and can i see the IP of your server

  5. : 6010
    ram : 1 gb
    cpu Cerol Duo 2 2.4 mhz

  6. hello ismail,

    i think this problem coz your ram is just 1 gb

    200 users make load on server ( ram & CPU )

    you have to upgraded your server

    1. I got 500 users in on a 2.4ghz and 1GB memory.
      Even with my 1.0ghz and 512MB memory i still get 300 users in.
      Your memory dont increase at all by many users.
      The only thing what will increase is your cpu and network usage.

  7. try to add the ram and check ur ip config

  8. how do you install the bot on centos

  9. how do you install the bot on centos camfrog-bot-5-1-dont-run-on-linux-centos-5-6

  10. hello, thanks for this tutorial :)

    I'm getting this error when i try to log in the room:

    root@vps sysconfig]# service camfrogserver start
    Starting up Camfrog server daemon: [ OK ]
    [root@vps sysconfig]# fips.c(151): OpenSSL internal error, assertion failed: FATAL FIPS SELFTEST FAILURE

    do you have any suggestion? i'd really appreciate

    1. hello,
      Try to update your server

      yum update

      Than reboot your server, And it will be fine

    2. sorry, I forgot to reply :P it worked :D

      thanks a lot!

    3. help me how to instal camfrog at linux because i use camfrog server 5.0 cant up room,,only loading

  11. after entering the command in step 5, I get this error
    -bash: nano: command not found
    what should I do to get around it?

    1. you can use WinSCP program to Edit cf_server.conf file

      or yum install nano

      and try step 5 again

  12. Bonjour j'ai besoin d'aide j'ai se message et je connait pas trop pouvez vous m'aider svp

    [root@s15985707 camfrogserver.d]# service camfrogserver start
    Starting up Camfrog server daemon: [FAILED]

  13. Room server: no active rooms, connection (cid 0) refused

    When I will connect to it. What can I do?

  14. Hi bro, can u show tutorial how to configure camfrog bot also? thanks :)


  15. Hi, Could please update your installing files ect too the new ersion 5.0.323 (Dec 04, 2012) as i tryed all day having issues i cant get work i was asking if you could update then we would able install the new updates Thank You

  16. Hello,

    I've got a problem with the camfrogserver.... it's running fine, rooms online etc... the problem i'm getting is that when i remotely login with my camfrog advanced server, adding a room etc.... it's not saving any changes to cf_server.conf.... does anyone know how to solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance,

  17. Hi,,
    ty for tutorial,, all working fine in Centos 6.3 !
    ty so much !

  18. what the fucking tutorial

    1. You are the Fucking LOL hahhaha

  19. pls Possible phases of the camfrog advensed is installed on lunix centos 6 very stage to stage lifting Rom

  20. please tutorial for edit file camfrogserver soft nofile 10000 and camfrogserver hard nofile 20000 and eth0 txqueuelen 3000 for server linux...for maximal performance thanks

  21. can you help me where can i find the log path?
    can you teach me?
    what is the command to find that path?

    1. go onto your FTP using port number 22.
      then goto /var/log/camfrogserver

      That is if you have done the correct setup.

      Hope this helps :)

  22. can you help me for this problem
    i install rpm -i get.php?type=fasl --nodeps, root says,
    [root@altura ~]# rpm -i get.php?type=fasl --nodeps
    /var/tmp/rpm-tmp/PHWvlW: /use/bin/camfrogserver_patch: /lib/ld-linux.so.2: bad ELF interpreter: No such file or directory
    /var/tmp/rpm-tmp/PHWvlW: /use/bin/camfrogserver /lib/ld-linux.so.2: bad ELF interpreter: No such file or directory

    can you help me for this?

    1. yum remove camfrogserver for first !
      just install Follow notification
      second : yum install ld-linux.so.2
      then install againt camfrogser

      Add Me camfrogAdd KaLiNuX

  23. Hello i install camfrog advanced server on Linux Centos 6.0 64 bit , but after i installed all well , everything works ,but when i download advanced server on pc and i use ip and port the eyes keep rolling and i cant connect after 2-3 min. i make the port :7000 so for example my ip ........:7000 then my user name and my password and then i try to connect but eyes keep rolling . Help me please i dont know whats going on , and this is the first time iam using Linux all my other servers are windows .