Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How login to Camfrog with DNS problems

It's work with any Windows XP / Vista / Win 7

just open this Folder in your PC 


and Open  ( hosts ) File  with Notepad


just put      login.camfrog.com   in new line   

Then save and close  and try to log in  with  your camfrog Nick  :):)

In Windows Vista and  7  You may have 1 problem 

that its tell you you can't Edit the file  only administrataion
I will show you how to Fix it 

1 - Chose your Computer User name 
2 - Select and Allow all     Than  OK

After That you can Edit the ( hosts ) File 


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  2. what if the pc have administrataion rights and u cant edit it T_T

  3. I Update the post For administrataion problems

  4. no firewall issues....i gave access to all ports as an allowed connection...i did all the steps above successfully, yet still unable to login...what other ideas u have?

    1. Hello Gene

      You talk about Camfrog Clint Or Camfrog Server ??

  5. the solution is check your modem configuration, change to google dns, if you use lan router change the protocol tcp 4
    set primary dns to and secondary to 8,8,4,4

    if you used EVDO /HSDPA modem change the DNS in modem option

    and the problem solved


  6. OMG Man!!!!!

    I've spent months for finding out the problem I have, and this tutorial is exactly what I'm looking for.

    Thanks mate! :)