Saturday, January 14, 2012

Make Camfrog Client 5.5 Work


Do you feel bored from newest Camfrog Client ??!  its make your PC lag all time ??!

Today i will show you how to make Camfrog Client 5.5 work and log in to Camfrog

first I would say that  this topic is free of viruses or spyware 100%

1. Remove the Camfrog Client from your PC

2. Download file from here  >>> Camfrog Client 5.5

3. open and  install  camfrog_5.5.exe  from Rar file

4. now after install camfrog  Exit it

5. go to  C:\Program Files\Camfrog\Camfrog Video Chat

    than  Replace the  Camfrog Video Chat.exe  with the other one in Rar file 

6. Now open Camfrog and put your username and password  and login

Feel free To Contact me if you have any problem 

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